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HuangShan to Hangzhou: 2006 January - CNY

Day 1

  • From: HuangShan, Anhui
  • To: Qingliangfeng, Zhejiang
  • Distance covered: 98 KM
  • Time on bike: 6 hours
  • Terrain / Conditions: lots of hills, 2 mountains, hard riding, some rain and cold
  • Diary:

30th 11pm - Huangshan. Nice to be on a little adventure and finally going on a biking trip. Scary flight . Hit by lightning and bounced on landing . Sweet little hotel. Look forward to starting biking tomorrow.

31st 7pm - Changhua County. Very tied. Good mountains climbs. Broke spoke 2 hours in on back wheel and no tools to fix or people able to fix. Take off back brake and wheel wobbling which makes it fun to go down steep hills. Pleased I made it as far as i did today. Well done. Lets see if bike holds up tomorrow. Will be stiff tomorrow . Good night.

Small town near Huangshan.

Nice cycling hills.

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