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HuangShan to Hangzhou: 2006 January - CNY

Day 2

  • From: Qingliangfeng, Zhejiang
  • To: QingShan Hu (Lake), Zhejiang
  • Distance covered: 90 KM
  • Time on bike: 5 hours
  • Terrain / Conditions: lots of hills, hard riding, some rain and cold
  • Diary:

1st Feb - 8pm - Qingshan Hu. Feeling good.

Good sleep last night. Ok hotel and shower. Important to eat hot food on the way. having dinner and will watch a film on the pda. Woke at 5am. Nice ride and more easy than yesterday. Qingshan Hu is not saying much and would probably be nicer in better weather. nice enough hotel here and another night of pda films and sleep.

6am - nice views

Rail bridge

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