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WuYi Shan: 2006 March

Day 1

  • Around WuYi
  • Distance covered: 70 KM
  • Time on bike: 4 hours
  • Terrain / Conditions: lots of hills and great weather
  • Diary: just bicycled around. Nice to be out of cold wet shanghai and into the hills.

Lots of nice scenery in and around WuYi Town and tourist spot.

Tea and mountains - China picture postcard stuff.

Day 2

  • To: Huanggang Shan - Wuyi Nature reserve.
  • Distance covered: 60 KM - mostly up hill.
  • Time on bike: 6 hours
  • Terrain / Conditions: lots of hills and great weather. good road most of the way. lots of places to stop off at. worth a whole day bike ride.
  • Diary: Got board of the town / tourist area and decided to try and get to the top of Huanggang Mountain. The nicest day of riding I have done. Great hills, waterfalls, animals and nice people. Did not make it to the top of the mountain and stayed in the Huanggang Nature Reserve Town about 30km from the top.

Suspension bridge soon after entering the nature reserve check point.

Typical scenery along the way.

Semi wild monkeys.

Hotel in the nature reserve. guess it would get busy in summer months / holiday times.

Day 3

  • To: Top of Huanggang Shan and back to Wuyi town.
  • Distance covered: 120 KM.
  • Time on bike: 10 hours
  • Terrain / Conditions: 30km directly uphill - bad road. 60km directly downhill (great ride) and rest on mostly flats.
  • Diary: Started at 6am - breakfast at 7.30. Very long 30km climb to the top of the mountain on bad road. Bloody tired. rest on top and a great 60km downhill there after followed by great scenery all the way back to the hotel in Wuyi town.

About 5 hours (with some stops) to get to the top. All on bad road winding through the mountains.

Top at 2100m. Pea soup and nice as no one around.

60km downhill half of which is on this kind of road. have to go slowly as very slippery and quite easy to full off a side.

Following the river all the way back to town. nice waterfalls all along the way.



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