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Songpan or Jiuzhaigou: May
  • Date: May holiday, first week of May or sometime there abouts. might change and turn into a trip from Chengdu to Xian (1000km).
  • Days: 5 days cycling (2 days getting there)
  • Length of journey: ?
  • Daily biking distance: 50 KM
  • Terrain: Mountains @ 3000 to 5000m
  • Sights on the way: dangerous road.
  • Coordinate Files: - Google earth kml file
  • Trip Notes: If Songpan bike light, put gear on horses and camp out. If Jiuzhaigou leave stuff in hotel and do day trips.
  • Links: none
  • Map:

Pictures of Songpan from a trip i made there about 6 years ago.


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