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11th Day 1
Kunming (1400m)
Distance: 0 KM
Early start to airport. 3 hour flight from SH to KM. Stayed in a very nice hotel in KM next to a small lake. Very nice outside restaurants with good local food and nice drinking spots dotted around the lake. Set the bikes up and got everything ready for the next day. Early evening. 

12th Day 2
To: Simao
Distance: 105 KM
Time: 5.10 Hours
Average Speed: 20km/h
Terrain: mostly flat.
Started off around 8 after a huge breakfast. I got us lost in suburbs of Kunming and once we found the large lake to the south we where on our way. 50% rode on good roads and a highway which was under construction. Quite a bit of dirty roads and dust. Back to noodle lunches and arrived Simao around 3pm. Visit to the Yuxi museum which had some interesting ceramics and bronzes, walk around the park and a really good cheap dinner. Stayed in the HongTa hotel which is owned as one of the largest cigarette factories in China. Seems they are spending their money in KTV and buying Rangerovers and Hummers and ferrying around the officials.

13th day 3
To: Yangwu (near it).
Distance: 80 KM
Time: 5.30 Hours
Average Speed: 15.5km/h
Terrain: Downhill and some hills. Not to bad.
Feeling good from the day before and started off around 8am after a large breakfast which turned out to be a bad idea. Nice climb and long downhill into hualian (a small s*** town). Had lunch there and started throwing up. Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to ride, stopping and throwing up all the time. Finally my breakfast egg came up and started to feel less nauseous. Felt like *hit. Mowah when on ahead to find us a place to stay and I pushed the bike for a good hour or two until I arrived at the spot mowah had chosen. Nice swimming pool hotel on the side of the road. Nice family from Chongqing who ran it and invited us for dinner at their home. Still felt like crap and had a early one after downing untold bottles of water.

14th day 4
To: Yuanjiang
Distance: 65 KM
Time: 3.30 Hours
Average Speed: ?km/h
Terrain: Great downhill and some climbs. Not to hard.
Felt much better after a nights sleep but still rather tired. A great downhill with some great scenery, then some up and another down. Arrived Yuanjiang (a town with 3 different minorities) after a nice lunch. Good walk around the town. Strange place with not much going for it other than the restaurant we found (now atmosphere sitting outside). Another early night in preparation for the next day. Mowah doing very well for his first long ride.

15th day 5
Yuanjiang? (?km)
To: Mojiang
Distance: 75 KM
Time: 5 Hours
Average Speed: 14.5km/h
Terrain: Great 40 KM nonstop climb up to 1650m, good downhill and then another smaller climb.
Best day of the trip and tiring. Took us about 3 hours to get to the top of the first mountain range where we had some most welcome noodles and a couple of red balls. Then quite a bit of up and down and then a great downhill followed by a finial climb which was bloody tiring. Very good to get to Mojiang. Not a bad town, actually quite nice, right on the Tropic of Cancer line. Ok hotel and great dinner where we witnessed a large scale migration of swallows (thinks thatís what they where). Good massage and drink. Both of us where tired after 4 days of hilly riding and I underestimated the next days mileage by half so a change of plans to catch a taxi to next destination.

16th Day 6
Mojiang (?km)
To: by taxi; Puíer (175km), Simao (50km) to Dagugang (100km). Then from their to Jinghong by cycle.
Distance: 75 KM
Time: 4 Hours
Average Speed: 14.5km/h
Terrain: mostly downhill with a good climb near the end.
Legs very tired after last 4 days riding. Glad we decided for the taxi as no way we could have finished the trip on time. Arrived Jinghong about 4pm. Jinghongís changed quite a bit since I was there last about 8 years ago. Trees and plants have all grown up and seems more international with a strange boarder town flavor.  Nice dinner in open air restaurant.

17th Day 7
No riding
Had a lazy day changing air tickets, walking around town and packing up bikes. Very nice BBQ dinner watching some local performance which was interesting after a few baijiuís. Followed to visit to a local bar and disco.

18th Day 8
No riding
Lazy morning and visit to the Jinhong botanical gardens which where nice. 6.30pm flight home and arrive back around midnight. All in all a good short trip.

Cheers to Mowah for most of the pictures.


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