2. Hainan to Naodao (bird island)

Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in 2012 07 Qinghai | 2 comments


Strange sleep & dreams, cramp, feel hungover but not drank anything. ah the pleasures of altitude. 8am or so start with some greezzey noodles. strong head wind most of the day, overcast and some rain. seat post seased in cycle and seat pointing up too high. not fun.

stopped for lunch at some half way junction. started to feel a bit more normal after that. arrived hotel 3.30. another ripoff, no hot water till 730!! whats up with that. people still need to get to grips with basic hygiene here. someone should really start a nice backpacker / cycling hostel chain in China.


  1. no photo of the lake?

  2. I hope it is nicer than you make it sound. Is it hot?