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Planned – Nujiang Valley – Yunnan

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Nujiang valley – orth west Yunnan. Sounds like a interesting place for a cycle ride. 320 km long, follows the Nu river, holds 25% of chinas flora and florna, nice mountains and right next to Burma (Burma Road).

2011 Nujiang Valley

Liuku is the main town of the valley. Need to see where to get in and out. Fly Baoshan(4 hours) / Kunming. Gongshan is 200km north with a nice place caled bingzhong luo for some good hiking areas.

Time: 1 week
Season: Spring?
Research: web sites, interest

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Our Aim

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    • To get away from the dense urban environment and see some nature.
    • Take life in the slow lane for a few days / weeks.
    • Learn something along the way.
    • Try and give something back to the places we visit. Need to think about that one.
    • Good food and wine.
    • Fun people to be with.
    • A bit of excursion and adventure.
    • Minimal footprint.
    • Normally quite a lot of exercise.

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      About Us & Trips

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      • We are a group of friends and acquaintances who live in China and want to get out and about. We are not a business or travel agency.
      • People who can put up with a bit of the tough life but enjoy some minimal luxury at the end of the day.
      • People who enjoy some exercise.
      • People who enjoy their food and drink.
      • People who enjoy the simpler things in life.

      Two groups

      We normally divide into two groups.

      • Cyclers; who cycle most of the time.
      • Drivers; who scout out new places of adventure, dinning and sleeping.

      Depending on fitness and conditions, cyclers sometimes are cyclers for a few hours and then end up driving. Aim is enjoyment not knackering yourself out (although this does end up happening quite a bit). Sometimes shorter trips are self service where you carry your own gear on the bike and cycle from one spot to spot.


      • Normally about 6 to 8 hours of cycling
      • Awake around 6, Start out around 7, Finish cycling around 3
      • Stretch, wash etc
      • Relax or tour about
      • Eat

      Our riding is relaxed & steady. About 100km of riding a day, 5 hours @ 20km/h average. Sometimes we will push 200km if we have been training. Someone new to cycling or out of training can just cycle a few  hours and then chuck their bikes in the buses.


      • Help brake up and setup camp (we have people to do most of the hard work).
      • Seek out camp sites, interesting spots, roam the land, set the routs, adventure and scrummage around.

      How thePedal works

      • Proper trips will start in Spring 2011. Now we are braking in bikes, equipment and ourselves.
      • We ask you to sign up for a ride two weeks before it takes place and pay a down payment (lost if you don’t go or someone takes your place).
      • We limit people to around 20. Too many more and it just becomes too hard to manage.
      • You pay for costs to get to the meeting and drop off point (normally an airport).
      • We cover nearly all costs from there (jeep / bus rental, tent, food, people etc)
      • You bring your own bike and tent (if you want your own one).
      • We bring along a bike mechanic and someone who can help manage all that stuff.
      • When camping we bring along a cook and someone who can help us setup tents and get the camp site cleared up.
      • We organize extra activities like paragliding, climbing, hiking, fishing and knitting along the root. Needs to be planned beforehand.
      • We charge on actual cost (try and get group discounts where we can). We add a 15% mark which is given to a local charity or situation along the root (we discuss what on the ride).
      • Compared to a self supported ride it can be on the expensive side if the ride has vehicles, helpers etc.
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      This site and the current rides are in the beta stage. We are aiming for a spring 2011 launch of the full web site and rides.

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