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Finish up

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Good trip and got me set for the year.

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4. Sapa to Sapa

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Rest day.

Nice walk around the hills. Nice drinks. More nice food. A good day.

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3. Lao Cai to Sapa

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A short day uphill. Tough grade and a bit of walking. 1st part quite steep and hot. Second more relaxed but slow.

Tired. Great hotel. Great lunch. Great nap.

Day 3


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Day 2. Mengzi to Lao Cai

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Mengzi to Lao Cai (Vietnam)
170km lots of downs, quite a bit of ups. Nice ride.
Nice hot pot dinner in Mengzi the night before. Woke up to a nice breakfast of “Over the bridge” noodles. Hot broth, add pork, 20 other little thing, wait 5 minutes, nice. Good start to the day but found one of my spokes broke so my wheel is all out of whack and not sure what to do. Not where to repair so just push on.
Long 60km which feels mostly uphill to Pingbian. Horrible lunch. Then a little climb and then 30km or so directly downhill. Then updown, updown to the border. Good roads for most of the day which saved my wheel and my hands.  The natural forest seems to have gone and been replaced with eroding banana lands. Sad. The old train was still there and freight was moving which was kind of cool. You could see them cutting through for the new high speed one and I guess a high way as well. That will bring the tourist hoards but I guess nothing much for them to see due to the banana lands.
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Day 1: Jianshui to Mengzi

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About 90km.

Late into Jianshui / little sleep and late start. Tianshui seems to be a ok enough town in the middle of nowhere.

15km road then shit terrible roads / wrong bikes for rest of the day. Should have brought full sus mountain bikes.

The land of deforestment. Followed by plastic bag land, more deforestment, factories and Mengzi. Last 50km to Mengzi in mini van.


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