Past rides

Spring ride to Hanoi

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think about 750km or so. think 9 days. lots of hills.

Fly to Kuming / Car to Shiping, cycle to Hanoi, Fly out.


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5. Back to Xining

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Woke up with the normal hungover feeling, some truck horns and morning call to prayer (Hui muslim part of the world). some mutton soup, bread and coffee and off again. first 2km was nice and relaxed and then 1000m climb. Think body getting alimatized as dealing with hard climb at 4000m was ok. breathtaking views of the areas us foreigner tourists are not allowed to visit.  then a long sharp downhill. Another filling of noodles for lunch, actually getting much better and then 60km odd into Xining (capital of the province / where started). Enjoying a pizza and bottle of red wine in a xining italian restaurant. one cannot complain.

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Old Rides

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Some old rides.


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Finish Up

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Interesting trip. Should have camped and should go back to Qinghai / Gansu Road.



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2012 04 Wuyi Shan

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Few days in Wuyi Shan. Don’t bother with the tourist sites. Get out of town. Cycle around the nature reserve if you can get in.

[slickr-flickr tag="wuyi shan"]


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Info on area

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Interesting area. 3 rivers, upper reaches of the Yangtze, Mekong and Nujiang running in parallel within 30km of each other for 300km. One of the most bio diverse temperate areas in the world.  Link

Will cycle past the Yangtze. Then north to Deqin & Meili Mountain. Then will cycle down the Mekong for a 100 or so km, walk over a mountain and then cycle up and down the Nujiang for 400km.

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