Rides in 2012

Off today

Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in 2012 07 Qinghai | Comments Off

Crazy at work and looking forward to getting out. Its going to be a tough one and not sure i will deal with cycling between 3000 and 4000+ m altitude.

Cycling around Qinghai lake then the a little north into the mountains and then back to Qining to meet the family. Then camping out with them for a few days.


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Day 1 – Xining to Hainan

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in 2012 07 Qinghai | 2 comments

Start of another trip. first one by myself and to west china in sometime. the smell of mutton rushing back. the dust. the altitude. Xining is a dump. guess good to be on the road. leave Xining, 40km of bad road. stop for lunch. nice mutton noodles. then climb up to 3700m which was a struggle. things after that easier but tired. altitude makes things tough.¬†Arrive in some overpriced dump of a hotel. dirty, no elec, now working, no hot water and a rip off. same with dinner. so tired don’t really care. whoever named this place hainan needs their head examined. why are these tourist spots so bad. could be really nice here.
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2. Hainan to Naodao (bird island)

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Strange sleep & dreams, cramp, feel hungover but not drank anything. ah the pleasures of altitude. 8am or so start with some greezzey noodles. strong head wind most of the day, overcast and some rain. seat post seased in cycle and seat pointing up too high. not fun.

stopped for lunch at some half way junction. started to feel a bit more normal after that. arrived hotel 3.30. another ripoff, no hot water till 730!! whats up with that. people still need to get to grips with basic hygiene here. someone should really start a nice backpacker / cycling hostel chain in China.

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3. Bird Island to Gongca

Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in 2012 07 Qinghai | 1 comment

60km.¬†Short relaxed day off. Another night of not sleeping so well. Serious difficulty waking up. Ok breakfast and on the bike for 3 hours. Nice easy ride . Tomorrows going to be a tough one. Staying in some Tibetan town. Catching up with the washing. Actually i should not be complaining so much in my blogs on the places here. Huge improvement over what it must of been like here when i first arrived in china. no ok hotel, no heating, no hot water, terrible food, nuclear test (its an old test site), no internet, no phone, terrible roads, etc. if you’ve got some money life is not so hard these days. country side is nice and, big. really get the sense you are on top of the world.

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Spring ride to Hanoi

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think about 750km or so. think 9 days. lots of hills.

Fly to Kuming / Car to Shiping, cycle to Hanoi, Fly out.


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Day 4

Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in 2012 07 Qinghai | 2 comments

think about 170km

started off lucky. ended up unlucky. got turfed out of the town i was meant to stay by the police. foreigners not welcome. to sleep.



long strait line in middle was in car. end part not shown the place i was mean to stay and having to go back again.

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