Planned rides

Shangri-La to Kathmandu – Leg 1

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Leg 1

Mid September 2012 – 20 days. 1600km or so. Shangri-La to Lhasa









Planned Route


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Shangri-La to Kathmandu – Leg 2

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Leg 2

May 2013 – 20 days. 1200km or so. Lhasa to Kathmandu









Planned Route

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Suggust a trip

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Please add comments for interesting spots, photos etc for places along the root.

For suggested new routes / trips please follow below instructions.

  • Please use google earth ( or similar.
  • In google earth make a folder and name it whatever the ride is to be called.
  • Add some place marks (the little pins) to key places on the map.
  • Add a cycle route (i.e. where you think we should be going) with the path tool.
  • Make sure the place marks and routes are saved in the folder you made.
  • Right click the folder > Save Places As > give it a name and save as kml (not kmz).
  • Email to along with description and some pics if you have them.

We will email back and credit / link whoever for the ride.


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Planned – Songpan

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Was there in early 2000 on a horse. Would like to go there again on a cycle.


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Planned – Chishui – North Guangxi

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Prehistoric plants, bamboo, red earth

Across from jiuzhi – Sichuan

Fly into Luzhou – yibin

Sidonggou; valley with waterfalls, caves, ferns, 20km from town

Shizhangdong waterfall = make sure rain season, 40km from town

Jinshagou nature researve = bamboo

Red rock gorge

Need to find more maps, info, waypoint, routes etc. Please provide information.

2011 Chushui

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Planned – Jason Run – North Yunnan

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Cycling down the Mekong

Get to Deqin @ 3550m (SH-KM-SGL-car)  – follow Mekong south to yongping at 2000m exit from Dali. Not quite sure of exactly where the Mekong is on the map or if there is a road next to it but Jason says there is and a good downhill.

Deqin kawa karpo mountain highest in Yunnan.

Mingyong is lowest glacier with diverse eco system

Follow Mekong down. High altitude but lots of downhill.

Time: 4 days with walks, sometime in summer.

Take kit with us. Need more reasearch into maps / area etc.

2011 Jason Run

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