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Planned – Songpan

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Was there in early 2000 on a horse. Would like to go there again on a cycle.


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Planned – Qinghai Lake

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Trip in June 2011. Fly into Xining and cycle around the lake.  About 1 week.


2011 05 Qinghai Lake

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Planned – Chishui – North Guangxi

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Prehistoric plants, bamboo, red earth

Across from jiuzhi – Sichuan

Fly into Luzhou – yibin

Sidonggou; valley with waterfalls, caves, ferns, 20km from town

Shizhangdong waterfall = make sure rain season, 40km from town

Jinshagou nature researve = bamboo

Red rock gorge

Need to find more maps, info, waypoint, routes etc. Please provide information.

2011 Chushui

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Planned – Jason Run – North Yunnan

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Cycling down the Mekong

Get to Deqin @ 3550m (SH-KM-SGL-car)  – follow Mekong south to yongping at 2000m exit from Dali. Not quite sure of exactly where the Mekong is on the map or if there is a road next to it but Jason says there is and a good downhill.

Deqin kawa karpo mountain highest in Yunnan.

Mingyong is lowest glacier with diverse eco system

Follow Mekong down. High altitude but lots of downhill.

Time: 4 days with walks, sometime in summer.

Take kit with us. Need more reasearch into maps / area etc.

2011 Jason Run

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Planned – Nujiang Valley – Yunnan

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Nujiang valley – orth west Yunnan. Sounds like a interesting place for a cycle ride. 320 km long, follows the Nu river, holds 25% of chinas flora and florna, nice mountains and right next to Burma (Burma Road).

2011 Nujiang Valley

Liuku is the main town of the valley. Need to see where to get in and out. Fly Baoshan(4 hours) / Kunming. Gongshan is 200km north with a nice place caled bingzhong luo for some good hiking areas.

Time: 1 week
Season: Spring?
Research: web sites, interest

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